Will console gaming die out in 5 years?

Everyone has been talking about “console gaming dying” or the “death of consoles”. It’s everywhere and I am here to explain my opinion on this argument.

Honestly, I believe that console gaming is here to stay. My main argument for this is because the average gamer can’t afford a hunk-a-chunk machine (that is, a PC). These can cost upward of $999 and up. Compared to console gaming, that’s a steep difference.

Just recently, Sony and Microsoft announced the prices for their respective consoles. They said it’ll be $399 for the PS4 and $499 for the Xbox One. Now that is up to 2x more expensive than a personal computer. best monitors for gaming

Everyone is talking about how the PC can run circles around consoles. True. But what about prices? Prices are a huge factor in buying something, especially expensive items such as gaming consoles.

Another reason I believe console gaming will live on is because so many people still use it today. There’s no way even the next generation can kill game consoles. The numbers for console games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Grand Theft Auto IV were humongous. Call of Duty by itself sold millions of units. There’s no way that will completely go away in the next 5 years.

Plus, console gaming is advancing. Why in the world would it go away? Even though it’s advancing, it’s still getting cheaper! Cheaper = better especially with gamers on a tight budget such as myself and milions of other people.

Ironically, there’s a huge market within the PC gaming universe but an even larger one within the players who bought the PS3, Xbox 360, and the Wii. Each of these game consoles sold better than any single PC model out there. Granted there are a ton of PC models but that’s exactly why console gaming will live on. Because there is a limited amount of models and friends of gamers alike find a sense of equality when purchasing consoles.

With PCs, it’s I’m better than you because I have a better computer. With consoles, it’s hey you have a PS3 too? Want to play ____? Moments like these are definitely here to stay and I wouldn’t want to let go of that even if I am a dedicated PC gamer.

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